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There are many options when it comes to flooring. Many still consider hardwood flooring to be a safe and economical option. And when you consider the overall life of hardwood flooring, the overall benefits of having such a flooring outweighs the initial cost. And if you are to ensure that you will have a good flooring finish, one of the things that you need to ensure is to use the best screws for hardwood last longer.

Get Rid of Squeaks Across Hardwood Flooring

There is nothing more unassuring than squeaks coming out of your hardwood flooring when it comes to the overall integrity of your property. Newly installed flooring may not give you that squeaks, but as time goes by, your wooden flooring ages, warps and shrinks. All these cause the floor to separate from the sub flooring.

So, if you are experiencing or hearing squeaks from your floor, there might be some loose boards that are rubbing against each other. You will probably need to have the boards screwed or nailed properly. You may even need to predrill through the joist down to the squeaky spot and to the sub floor if possible.

Before you do so, you will have to ensure that you have properly measured the depth where new fasterners need to be placed. Measure the depth and cover the drill bit with a piece of masking tape, so your drill won’t damage the wooden flooring.

Note, however, that if you have finish on the ceiling on the lower level underneath where the wood flooring is squeaky, you will have remove it first. Then, screw up a dry wall into the floor. Once contact is made with that squeaky board, the weight will pull it down tight to the sub floor. This will eliminate the annoying squeak.

If you find during your initial investigation that there is no joist near the area where it squeaks, all that you have to do is just to fasten the board to the sub floor. Though this might not be as effective, it could possibly eliminate that irritating squeak. If you find it difficult to get under the squeaky spot, pin point where the squeky sound is coming from, and drill a trim screw at an angle into the specific location using some finishing nails.  Finish up by countersinking the screw head and fill holes with putty.

Using screws is usually the best way of attaching wooden materials. Nailing and gluing are also common methods. They are easier to do and also require less preparations. However, they leave a permanent joint that cannot be dismantled easily later on. In addition to that, neither of these methods will produce the strength as well as the resistance that screwed joints create.

Choosing the Right Screw to Do the Job

Making sure that you will be able to use the most appropriate screw to do the job can be a bit of a challenge as there are a great variety of materials that these screws are made of. There are also different head styles, sizes, thread types, even plated finish that you may choose from.

Make Your Hardwood Last Longer

Proper installation of hardwood floor is not the only thing that will matter when it comes to making sure that your flooring will last longer. And as installation of hardwood flooring already costs a lot, you would want to make sure that the look of your original flooring is preserved for as long as you can.

Getting your hardwood flooring properly installed is one thing, maintaining the overall look of your floor. Lack of proper maintenance can cause your treasured wood flooring to lose its natural durability.  is equally important because the lack of proper maintenance can cause it to lose its durability. For this reason, you need to make sure that your hardwood flooring should be given proper maintenance regularly.

Proper maintenance for hardwood flooring also includes the following:

  1. Sweeping off dust or vacuuming your hardwood floor. Just make sure that whether you sweep or vacuum the floor, make sure that the flooring will not get scratched or damaged.
  2. Use the right cleaning tools that will be gentle on your hardwood, such as microfiber, and other cleaner that will not damage or leave scratch marks on your hardwood floor.
  3. Use the appropriate cleaning liquid that won’t affect the overall look of the hardwood surface finishing.
  4. Make sure that stains and spills are removed thoroughly right away. Do not let stagnant water left on the surface of the hardwood floor.
  5. Avoid mopping your hardwood floor as water in the mop can easily be absorbed and cause damage to your hardwood floor.

As you can see, it is not just making sure to use the best screws that will make hardwood installation last longer. Proper maintenance is equally essential to ensure that you and your family will get to enjoy your hardwood flooring longer.