Hey there!

       I think an important thing about choosing a wedding photographer is not only someone who’s work you love, but someone you genuinely want to spend time with on one of the best and most fun days of your life. Your wedding should be relaxing and fun and everyone with you should be just as chill and fun. I don’t like having “clients” – I want to make new friends, and not to brag, but I think i’m pretty cool to hangout with.

I grew up in Southern California and now reside in Little Rock, Arkansas with my boyfriend Grant, our two dogs, Frank and Leia (yes, after the amazing Princess and General Leia Organa), and our two cats, Severus (is it obvious I’m a nerd yet?) and Shado. I like horror movies and sci-fi – give me a good alien documentary or space film any day! I also love the ocean and snow, I’ll travel pretty much anywhere. I listen to 80’s rock religiously, Metallica and Journey being my personal favorites. My favorite photos are always the ones where people forget that I’m there and I get real, authentic emotional moments. I’m talking ugly crying, huge smiles, crazy dancing and belly laughs. That’s what I yearn for, to make sure you have those in between moments. The moments that your eyes are closed, in the middle of a huge hug, or dancing after that 4th shot of tequila!