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One size definitely does NOT fit all! You are unique and it's important that your photography package be as special as you are. 

Please send a message through my contact page for a detailed investment guide. I promise to get back to you within 24 hours.

Collections range from $2,000 to $3,200.

Elopement pricing available upon request. 

I also offer limited portrait sessions - starting at $250. 



1. I am in a same-sex relationship or non-binary relationship, do you photograph LGBTQ+ weddings?

YES. YES. YES. Love is love is love is love. I hate that you even have to ask. I will photograph same-sex weddings, non-binary weddings, multi-cultural/racial weddings, weddings of multiple religions or of no religion - you name it. It's that simple. 

2. I'm ready to book! What's next? 

Woo! I'm so excited that you've found the one. By one, I mean me! We're a match made in heaven. Send me a message through my contact page, make sure to include any specifics about your amazing day! I will send you my detailed investment guide, we'll figure out which package suits your needs the best or come up with a unique package just for you! Voila, "find a wedding photographer" is now checked off your list!

3. How much is the retainer?

Your date is saved with a 50% retainer of your total package price. This is all done online, easy peasy. 

4. What about add ons?

This is like one of those frozen yogurt places that dreams are made of - you can have whatever you like. You can throw in a couple extra hours of coverage, a trash the dress (or tux, or whatever you get married in - I'm not picky) session, a day after session and a lot more. All of the add ons are included in the detailed investment guide that you will be sent once you fill out your initial contact form. 

5. Each package includes an Engagement Session, what if I don't want one? Does that lower the price?

Complimentary engagement sessions are my gift to you, and a gift to me too to be honest. Engagement sessions are a great way for us to get to know one another before your wedding day, so I always encourage all of my couples to have an engagement session. However, on the off chance that you don't want one, it is a complimentary session so it doesn't lower the price to forego it. 

6. My wedding will be in *insert awesome location here*, do you charge travel?

Yes! However, this is totally dependent on where you're getting married. Can I drive? Do I need to fly? Etc. Travel costs are determined on a wedding by wedding basis, so make sure to include those details when you fill out my contact form! 

7. I'm getting married on a weekday, do you give a discount for that?

An 8 hour work day is still an 8 hour work day. At this time I do not offer discounts for weekday weddings as I'm still giving you as much love and attention as my weekend wedding couples! 

8. Can I have all the RAW files?

Short answer: nobody got time for that. Long answer: no, for a couple of different reasons. Most importantly, they take up way too much space (I usually shoot anywhere between 64-128gb per wedding. That's a LOT), and you don't always want to see the outtakes. Trust me. Photography is a process, and part of the reason you're hiring me is because of what my final images look like. I take time and put a lot of love into making each photograph beautiful. RAW files are only half of the equation. 

9. I really love your work and I want to hire you, but you're out of my budget! What can I do?

Weddings can be crazy expensive. I get it. Budgeting is the smartest first step to take when planning a wedding, and sticking to it is important! A la carte is for you. We can create a custom package that is perfect for you to get what you want and not feel guilty about it. 

10. Do you sell prints or albums?

Absolutely. I am a huge advocate for displaying art in your home. Tangible goods are offered as add ons, or you can purchase them at a later date. However, they are discounted when added onto a package.