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Minted + Shine + Elli Wedding Invitation Suites Guide

I tried 3 different wedding invitation companies so you don't have to!

I had seen on the great information pool otherwise known as facebook that you could order samples of wedding invitation suites and I knew I had to check it out. I ordered from 3 different companies: Minted, Shine Invitations and Elli. I gathered as much information as I could about the three different companies to give you a run down and eventually leading to the company I would recommend the most based on quality/price/shipping. Let's get down to it!

Wedding invitations are the forgotten about afterthought for most people on their list of must have's for their wedding day. I alway see photography/videography, the florals, venue, dress and food as the most important things to most couples. However, guess what I have from every wedding I've ever shot? An invitation. I keep them all, they have a special place in my office. I love them! Invitations are beautiful, unique and show off the couples personality! So here I am, bringing back some love to the outdated printed wedding invitations. 

Up first: Minted!


Minted easily had the most variety of the three wedding invitation companies I looked at. They had fifteen pages with at least thirty designs on each page. Ranging from classic and minimal designs to trendy to artsy. I LOVED the designs from Minted. They were right up my alley, and even though I got some I didn't think I'd end up really liking, they were so much nicer in person. They have 3 different styles: Classic, Foil and Letterpress. They also have five different types of paper: signature, pearlescent, recycled, luxe museum board and doublethick. I got samples of Signature, Recycled and Museum Board - the Museum Board easily being the nicest. 

You can order up to $10 worth of samples with the promo code: 10FREESAMPLES. The samples range from $1 to $3 so I ended up springing for a few more because they were super affordable. They came with the invitation and a matching RSVP card. Shipping on the samples for Minted was the longest out of them all, I ordered them on January 20th, they shipped the 25th and were delivered on the 29th. Honestly, worth it. 

Regular prices vary depending on the style and type of paper as well as the amount ordered, but the common number I saw was $2.15 each for the Classic, $2.32 for foil up to $4.85 for Letterpress. Super affordable! (Plus, don't tell but you can use Ebates as well to get 1.5% cashback on your purchase!)

Minted gets a solid 5/5 from me. Great designs, affordable prices, good variety/customization and shipping wasn't too bad at all. 

Next up: Shine Wedding Invitations!


Shine's sample system is a little different. You can click here to get your free sample kit. You choose the design of your choice and voila, that easy! 

Sample Kit Includes: (this is taken straight from their website)

  • Invitation & Envelopes (Matte)
  • Response Card
  • Small Enclosure
  • Large Enclosure
  • Belly Band
  • Save the Date & Envelope with Liner (Matte)
  • Double Thick Cardstock
  • Letterpress Printing Sample
  • Color Charts

The design I selected above is Ophelia and it is beautiful! Shine has more of the classic, minimal style invitations than the other two companies. Pricing is definitely more expensive than the others as well, with a minimum order of 25 invitations at $8.60 each for Classic and $16.90 for Letterpress. Shipping was very fast, I ordered on January 19th, they shipped on the 23rd and were delivered on the 25th. 

Once again, a 5/5 from me! The designs are classic and beautiful, variety of options and price to match. 

Finally, Elli!


At it's super easy, you choose one design, enter the promo code: SAMPLE at checkout and then they send you the one sample! Elli is more along the lines of Minted in that they have a wide variety of designs. Floral, classic, minimal, retro (like the invitation pictured above, my personal favorite!) to rustic and destination. So many options! They also offer full customization with different color options, papers and fonts. The invitation above, Retro Woodsy, is my favorite of them all. I love the design, the heavy cardstock paper - all of it!  This one is 100% my style and at $1.99 each, easily the most affordable. Shipping was the same as shine, ordered on the 19th, shipped on the 23rd and delivered on the 25th. Once again, 5/5 stars. 

So there's my roundup of Minted, Shine and Elli. They're all beautiful, solid quality and while Elli and Minted are more affordable than Shine, the quality is still worth it. 

Hope this helps in your search for who to choose for your invitation needs and happy wedding planning!